Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a field of study where the human mind & its intelligence is simulated using machines, especially computers. Using AI concepts, tasks that the human mind can only do can be done, like thinking, acting, and deciding. Basis the information they collect & process, Artificial intelligence incorporated systems possess the ability to repeatedly integrate new information & process them to arrive at a decision.

In today’s world, the presence of artificial intelligence is inevitable, be it movie recommendations basis our search history or engaging conversations done by virtual assistants, all businesses are finding ways to incorporate AI either in their products or solutions. Some broad areas where AI is used majorly are process automation, security systems & improving customer experience in chatbots, facial recognition tools, and digital assistants to name a few.

Here is a list of the top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books with which you can start learning Artificial Intelligence:

Top 12 Artificial Intelligence Books in 2022

1. Artificial Intelligence Engines: A Tutorial Introduction to the Mathematics of Deep Learning

Written by: James Stone
Published in: 2019

This book covers the basics, introducing foundational concepts of classic linear networks, nonlinear multilayer perceptrons to newest technologies used in today’s world. A convenient guide to modern-day Artificial intelligence applications, this book also includes a comprehensive list of reference resources, glossary & future reads.

2. Machine Learning (in Python and R) For Dummies 

Written by: John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron
Published in: 2016

This book acts as a beginner’s guide to people on the application of Machine Learning Insights in everyday modern life. Written by 2 Data Scientists, this book comes in handy with respect to giving practical solutions. Detailed Python and R Programming theory also provide the reader with a deeper perspective.

3. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners: A Plain English Introduction

Written by: Oliver Theobald
Published in: 2017

As its name suggests, this book has a comprehensive yet straightforward explanation of Machine Learning concepts which are essential for a beginner to learn. A boon for people for whom Machine Learning is absolutely new, this book is an essential & helpful stepping stone to lay a strong foundation for these advanced topics.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep and Intelligent Medicine Simplified for Everyone

Written by: Dr. Parag Suresh Mahajan
Published in: 2018

Written in a more accessible & concise way, this book talks about the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector, advancements happening in the industry, the impact of ethics on this subject, positives/negatives associated with using AI in healthcare & accomplishments in this field. 

5. Human Compatible – Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control

Written by: Stuart J. Russell
Published in: 2019

This book focuses on the brighter as well as central themes of Artificial intelligence & its repercussions on the human race. Though AI has the power to rewrite the conventional ways of science, it equally comes associated with its risks & this book guides one to coexist with these incredibly efficient machines successfully.

6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Written by: Chandra S.S.V
Published in: 2014

A student-friendly guide, this book deals with a comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and then dives into advanced theories like heuristics searching, and game playing. This book also comes with the advantage of numerous case studies & real-life-based solved problems which help the learners try to apply & gain hands-on knowledge.

7. Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies

Written by: Nick Bostrom
Published in: 2014

Written by a Swedish Philosopher, this book provides an interesting philosophical perspective on what would happen if machines start overpowering humans through the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Path of Artificial Intelligence, dangers associated with it & how humans can strategize in advance so that things are in control are some of the themes this book would touch upon.

8. Applied Artificial Intelligence: A handbook for business leaders

Written by: Adelyn Zhou and Marlene Jia
Published in: 2017

This book specially curated for business folks gives an interesting outlook on how artificial intelligence can be applied to solve business problems, and effectively design personalized solutions by combining data and Technology.  This book lays a foundation for leading and driving a business, leveraging artificial intelligence from data analysis to decision making.

9. Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust

Written by: Ernest Davis and Gary Marcus
Published in: 2019

This book talks about how the 2 authors assess Artificial Intelligence and its significance in making lives productive as well as bridging the superficial gaps between the real world which has a complex, open-ended rules, and a perfect world where AI achievements have happened in a closed system with a fixed set of rules.

10. Make Your Own Neural Network

Written by: Tariq Rashid
Published in: 2016

A book that offers a detailed step-wise breakdown of the process of neural networks talks elaborately into 3 parts – mathematical concepts to understand the basics, an introduction to python to enable programmers to build their own neural networks, and diving deep into applying & analyzing neural networks.

11. Artificial Intelligence- A Modern Approach 

Written by: Peter Norvig and Stuart J. Russell
Published in: 1995

A classic book for graduates & postgraduates to enable them to brush up on Artificial Intelligence concepts, this book gives a holistic overview of Artificial Intelligence, end-to-end. An excellent guide for beginners who are planning to tap into the world of AI.

12. The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book

Written by: Andriy Burkov
Published in: 2019

Encompassing the concepts of Machine Learning in one hundred pages, this book gives the reader, insights on understanding the foundations as well as applying them in everyday life without having to read thousands of pages. A reference book sorts which you can anytime go back to & run through, this book is for data science/machine learning aspirants.

Hope you found this list of Artificial Intelligence books useful. Now is your time to get started with one of these books and learn about the topic which has the power to revolutionize the entire human life & way of living.

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